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American Country Music Association Member Incentive Program

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Signing up for this ACMA Member Incentive Program enables the organization to donate a portion of ACMA Member fees back to ACMA Members when they invite their fans and friends who join.

There is NO FEE TO SIGN UP to take advantage of this program and it is for ACTIVE ACMA Members only. All you need to do is make sure your own ACMA Membership is ACTIVE (not lapsed or expired) or JOIN ACMA NOW if you are not already a member. Then, share our website and membership posts on social media and ask your friends, followers and fans to join ACMA as a member.

When they join, there is a place where they enter the name of the ACMA Member who invited them. They would simply put your name in that place.

Once they have joined and pay their annual membership fee, we will send you $10 via PayPal or CashApp for each membership where they entered your name as soon as their membership is activated. (They MUST enter your name for you to get credit.)

Additional Sponsorship Incentives for Active ACMA Members

We have developed this along the lines of the membership incentive, but on a much larger scale. You can actually help us obtain sponsors for American Country Music Association and we donate back to you a percentage of the sponsorship funds received. You can work with companies and individuals directly, by emailing our sponsor pack or just send them our sponsorship link (https://www.americancma.com/site/sponsor). Become an ACMA Sponsor to sign up and enter your name. We will pay you 10% of the amount of the sponsorship when they sign up for one of our sponsorship packages. If you are interested in doing this email us at tommy.lemon@americancma.com.

We hope that these incentive programs will help you.

Here's a Sample post/email to friends and followers:

I am a member of the American Country Music Association and they have committed to donate back to me/my band/radio station/venue/business $10 for every membership received. Please consider joining now and be SURE to put my name in the place where it asks ACMA Member who invited you. There are lots of member benefits. ACMA Members get double points in nominations and voting for the American Country Music Awards, discounts on tickets to the awards show and other events, advance notice of everything ACMA and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting me! Go to www.americancma.com and click on JOIN NOW! Thanks!



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