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Expand your reach and brand awareness by advertising with ACMA and our partner Center Stage Magazine with a collective social media and website reach of over 2M views per month!

Advertise with ACMA

Advertise with ACMA

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Advertising with the American Country Music Association (ACMA) and Center Stage Magazine (CSM) is a GREAT way to increase your brand awareness and exposure. Collectively, ACMA and CSM reach well over 2M viewers per month between their website social media platforms. We can also promote your products/services via the many Center Stage Magazine stream programs that are found online and on OTT platforms such as Canyon Star TV and Airy TV.

You may opt to have our designer build your ad. If you choose that option, you can upload photos and logos, and enter your content request in Additional Comments Below. There is a 1 week turnaround time for ads designed by our graphic artist.

You may also use camera-ready artwork and upload the ad that you have prepared in the dimensions indicated. Ads, logos, photos and content can also be emailed to

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